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Heating Tips For A Good Night’s Sleep

heating-tips-for-a-good-nights-sleepAnyone can appreciate the true value of quality sleep. A good night’s rest is optimal for your health, both physically and mentally. Yet, approximately 35% of Americans rate their sleep quality as poor to fair.

Many report the ability to sleep but not feel restful in the morning. In other words, people are getting quantity but not quality. Changes in temperature affect this, especially when it comes to how you use your residential heating system.

Adjust Your Heating and Improve Your Sleeping

Some of what you learn may surprise you. Be willing to test things out, it could literally enhance your quality of life.

Keep Things Cool!

Believe it or not, the best conditions for falling and staying asleep are by keeping the temperature cooler. In fact, 60-67 degrees Fahrenheit is ideal. This means you should be turning your heating system down before bed, probably even cooler than you already are. You can always use blankets to help adjust the temperature quickly. The good news is that this also means you’ll end up saving money on your monthly energy bills.

Don’t Forget the Fan!

If you are sleeping with your ceiling fan off at night, you could be making a big mistake. With the simple flick of a tiny switch, you can change the rotation direction of the fan blades. Instead of producing cooler air, it circulates the rising warm air, pushing it back down to you. Set your thermostat even lower and rely on the warmer air your ceiling fan can generate for you.

Keep the Air Hydrated!

In the winter especially, cooler air is drier and your heating system seems to suck out any remaining moisture. Air that is too dry is uncomfortable, to say the least. It dries out nasal passages and your throat, to the point of making everything scratchy and cracked. It can even cause snoring. When your bedroom feels like the desert, it is hardly the ideal conditions for restful sleep.

Give it a Try

New York winters can be brutal, and you have to rely on your heating system to get you through the night. However, by trying a few of the suggestions our team here at Clover Comfort has to offer, you may be able to enjoy a good night’s sleep. Of course, we will also be there for you when you find yourself in need of any type of service for your heating system.


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