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Professional Heating Services Westchester

Clover Comfort is the premier Heating Contractors in the New York area. New York is one of the areas of the country where winters get cold and indoor heating is essential for staying warm. Unlike more temperate climates, the wind, rain, humidity and nearness to the ocean add to the chill factor, making it feel even colder at times, which means we rely on our heating systems heavily during winter months.

Without heat, our comfort and our health can be at risk, so keeping our heating systems working with professional services from Clover Comfort is imperative. Founded in 1985, our company of expert heating contractors has provided professional heating and other HVAC services for decades. We also provide professional plumbing and water heater services, and maintenance plan agreements.

Our technicians are fully trained and exceptional in their field. Our first priority is making sure you have a comfortable, heated environment in your home. With our New York Heating Services, you’ll always get prompt, reliable services you can count on to take care of the problems with your heating system right away. As New York’s preferred heating professional, we’re here when you need us.

When you need a new system, we’ll design one that perfectly suits your home. Every home is different and has different needs for proper heating and cooling. You’ll get energy efficient equipment every time, which is our main goal at Clover.

That’s the difference in quality service you’ll have when you choose our company. Instead of standardizing your system, we ensure all your heating needs are covered including proper insulation, humidity controls, air cleaners, ventilation, zoning systems, and more. Your HVAC systems are tailored to your home’s specific needs in order to maximize your energy usage and help you run a green home.


New York Boiler, Tarrytown Heating Repairs, Bedford Heating Repairs, New York Heating ServicesFor the best in residential boiler repairs, count on Clover Comfort. We’re available to repair and type of boiler system you have and are proud to offer high efficiency and budget friendly boiler systems from Bosch/Buderus boilers. As your premier Heating Contractors, we specialize in customized high performance, high efficiency systems for your heating needs.



New York Heating Services, Furnaces Contractor in New York, Pelham Manor Heating RepairsWe have a great selection of furnaces for your home heating system that are budget friendly and outstanding for energy efficiency. Repairs are no problem for our professional New York Heating Services. Whether your furnace is fueled by gas, oil, electricity, or biomass fuel, our expert heating repair technicians are fully trained and certified for your equipment.

As your green home pro’s, you get quality furnace and boiler repairs that will help you stay warm all winter and maximize your energy efficiency. Our New York Heating Services are second to none in keeping our customers comfortable year round. When you need boiler or furnace repairs, installations, or replacements, our technicians are standing by to help you!


Heating Tune Ups

Heating Tune UpWhen the chill of winter finally sets in, you want to make absolutely certain that your home’s heating system is working like it should be, or you could be stuck out in the cold. If there are any issues with your home’s heating system, your monthly heating bills could wind up costing you a fortune, or in a worst case scenario, you could find you and your family stuck without heat entirely when your heating system stops working entirely in the middle of a cold winter night. However, with a professional heating tune up for your home from the most trusted New York HVAC Contractors in the area, your home can stay protected from the rough winter weather while also helping to lower your energy expenses and leave you with more money in your pocket at the end of the month.


If you are looking for New York Heating Services, please call 914-631-6744 or complete our online request form.

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