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Our Planned Service Agreements!

service-clubTo maintain what we call home wellness, and protect your investment, Clover Heating & Cooling offers the Planned Service Agreement. Our experience confirms that servicing your heating and air conditioning equipment regularly is the best way to protect your investment. Our maintenance plan helps you avoid unexpected repair bills, reduced operating costs, and maintain the highest efficiency from your heating and cooling system. Our expert technicians perform precision tune-ups. We retain comprehensive records of your system’s operation. At your convenience, we’ll send one of our technicians to your home or business to perform a comprehensive inspection which includes a complete cleaning of the outside condenser and servicing of your system.

Heating Plan

  • Check and Adjust Thermostat
  • Check Filter and Blower Wheel
  • Check and Clean Main Burners
  • Check and Clean Heat Exchanger
  • Check and Clean Flame Sensor
  • Test and Adjust Main Gas Pressure
  • Check and Adjust Temperature Rise
  • Evaluate and Test Air Duct System
  • Replace Standard Filter

Cooling Plan

  • Check and Adjust Thermostat
  • Check Filter and Blower Wheel
  • Evaluate and Test Air Duct System
  • Check and Test Wiring on A/C unit
  • Test and Clean 24 Volt Contactor
  • Test and Evaluate Condenser Coil
  • Check Temperature of Air
  • Evaluate and Test Refrigerant Charge
  • Replace Standard Filter

Plumbing Plan

  • Clean and Flush Water Heater
  • Clean Water Heater Burners
  • Check Dip Tube For Deterioration
  • Check Water Heater Relief Valve
  • Check and Test Sump and Ejector Pumps
  • Check All Emergency Water Shut Offs
  • Check All Emergency Gas Shut Offs
  • Check Home Piping Compatibility

The Home Wellness Planned Service Agreement Includes:

  • 2 OR 3 PLANNED SERVICE VISITS – no additional charge.
  • FREE DIAGNOSTIC CHARGES – during normal business hours.
  • PREFERED PRICING – 15% Discount on most repairs.
  • PREFERED OVERTIME PRICING – on emergency service.
  • PRIORITY SERVICE – 1st on the list
  • FREE WHOLE HOUSE ASSESSMENT – $500-$2000 value
  • PERSONAL SERVICE – request your own comfort specialist
  • FREE DUCT EVALUATION – for restrictions & leakage

The Home Wellness Planned Service Agreement Saves You Money Because Someone Cares

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