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Outstanding Westchester Indoor Air Services

As New York’s experts in indoor air quality systems, Clover Heating & Cooling offers only the highest quality indoor air systems because we know that’s the best, most efficient way to ensure your home is actually filled with clean air. Did you know that most New York homes are filled with toxic chemicals? It’s startling but true. If you are worried about these toxic chemicals, then give us a call and schedule one of our Westchester Indoor Air Services.

At Clover Heating & Cooling, we’re all about your comfort. And we know that unless you have quality air to breathe in your home, you and your family could suffer from ill health or worse.

Your HVAC equipment also greatly benefits when your indoor air is clean. You’ll have fewer repairs, and the system will run much longer than in a home where dirty air continually circulates all within the system’s machinery. And that’s why indoor air quality is one of our New York Indoor Air Services.

We know that you and your home need to be filled with comfortable, clean air so you and your family can experience the quality of life you need and deserve.

Air Cleaners


To help keep your interior environment hypo-allergenic, we install and maintain a variety of air quality components, including electronic and media-based cleaning systems and ultraviolet mold irradiators. These can significantly minimize the presence of viruses, dust, cooking grease, smoke, and other unwanted particles in your home.

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We’ve found one of the best ways to control humidity is by pressurizing the interior with dehumidified air. The Santa Fe and Ultra-Aire dehumidifiers accomplish this ventilation strategy, maintaining relative humidity below the recommended maximum 50% level and draw less energy than most residential 40-pint dehumidifiers.

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There’s a science to managing comfort in your New York home, and Clover Heating & Cooling knows it. Just locating and eliminating air leaks can cut energy bills up to 30%. Unlike other HVAC companies, we do computerized load analysis to determine the right capacity for your heating and cooling equipment–another way of reducing energy expenditures.

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Carbon Monoxide Testing


Air quality is vital, especially when harmful chemicals or gasses are involved, like carbon monoxide. This substance can build up to a lethal amount inside a home. Our professionals can do carbon monoxide testing at Clover Heating & Cooling, so you know whether there’s a problem or not.

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Home Performance


We are your Home Performance experts! This is the focus of everything we do in our company to ensure you’re living the quality of life you should. High home performance means you’re comfortable with great quality air that’s not too humid and not too dry. It also means your energy bills are what they should be when your home’s HVAC system operates at maximum efficiency.

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IWave Air Cleaner


Free your home from viruses, bacteria, dust, mold, and other airborne particles by installing an iWave Air Cleaner. With an iWave Air Cleaner – as professionally installed by a New York HVAC contractor – positive and negative ions are used to neutralize dangerous and unhealthy particles in the air that can be harmful.

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Virus Free Indoor Air Quality System


Clover Heating & Cooling cares about clients from the list of services that we provide. Although we’re a top New York HVAC contractor, we also offer services like our virus-free indoor air quality system. Maintaining your indoor air quality at the cleanliness level should remove contaminants like viruses from your household.

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The Top Four Benefits of a Home Energy Audit

As a homeowner, you are always looking to improve the energy efficiency of your property. Scheduling a home energy audit with our Westchester County, NY team at Clover Heating & Cooling is a great way to achieve this. By taking the time to get a home energy audit, you can ensure that your home runs […]

Is Your Home Safe? Four Health Precautions To Take

Your home should be a safe haven, but sometimes there are hidden dangers lurking out of sight. Clover Heating & Cooling cares about your health and is here to help you take the necessary precautions to ensure a safe home environment. Here are four easy steps to get you started: 1. Change Your HVAC Filters […]

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