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Making Health A Priority With A Virus Free Indoor Air Quality System

virus-free-indoor-air-quality-systemClover Heating & Cooling cares about clients, and that’s apparent from the list of services that we offer. Although we’re a top New York HVAC contractor, we also provide services like our virus free indoor air quality system.

Keeping your indoor air quality at the cleanliness level should be by removing contaminants like viruses from your household. Home should always be where you feel confident that you and your loved ones are safe from disease or allergens.

In light of the recent pandemic, it’s been a solemn reminder that to maintain a clean and safe home, you have to take action. When it comes to a system for virus-free indoor air quality, we’re here to help make that possible.

Keeping A Virus-Free Household

Local homeowners opt for our virus-free indoor air quality system because they want to protect themselves and their loved ones. Not only that, having this system in place means having peace of mind about the air quality in your home.

The same reasons you contact our team for carbon monoxide testing can be applied to installing a virus elimination system – peace of mind. You can sleep better at night knowing that you’ve done your part to keep your household safe from threats like diseases, viruses, allergens, bacteria, and carbon monoxide.

Some of the features of this virus eradication system are:

  • Covers the whole house
  • Merv 13 filtration
  • Provides humidity control
  • Fresh air supply
  • No COVID virus ionizer
  • No musty basement control

The virus-free indoor air quality system that we offer can be installed in a home with or without ducts. You’ll also feel good knowing this system provides virus/allergy-free bedroom control.

Keeping Contaminants Out Of Your Home

Did you know that we spend an average of 90% of our time indoors? During the shelter-in-place phase of the Coronavirus pandemic, that number was higher.

For obvious reasons, your home needs to be a space that’s healthy and safe. We’ve become so focused on preventing the spread of illnesses like COVID-19 outside the house that we lose sight of the care that’s needed for inside the home.

Clover Heating & Cooling wants to be part of the solution for each homeowner in the area. Our service options help reduce in-home contamination and lower the risk of spreading disease among family members. Make the call right now, and let’s get you and your family protected in your home with a reliable virus-free indoor air quality system.

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If you are looking for New York virus free indoor air quality systems, please call us today at 914-631-6744 or complete our online request form.

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