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New York HVAC Humidity Control – Lower Your Bills, Increase Comfort!

new-york-humidifierThere’s a science to managing comfort in your New York home, and Clover Heating & Cooling knows it. Just locating and eliminating air leaks can cut energy bills up to 30%. Unlike other HVAC companies, we do computerized load analysis to determine the right capacity for your heating and cooling equipment-another way of reducing energy expenditures.

Besides lowering your utility bills, humidity control is critical to your health for a couple of reasons. Mold, which thrives in high humidity, is dormant or dies when the humidity is low. Dust mites also die when the humidity stays below 50%. But remember, the dust mites in your bed rely on you for their source of humidity, so always use mattress covers, pillow covers, and box spring encasings.

On the other hand, below 30% relative humidity, people can be uncomfortable and can suffer from dry mucus membranes, leading to nosebleeds and infections. Low humidity can aggravate asthma symptoms, and high humidity at high temperatures can sometimes lead to heat exhaustion or heat stroke.

Honeywell Humidifiers

Many humidification work only when the heating system is actively running. The Honeywell Whole-House Steam Power Humidification works effectively with your heating system but lets you control the humidity independently, so you can add needed moisture to your home without turning up the heat. Honeywell’s Steam Humidifier features a thermal switch that turns on the system fan as needed. You’ll be able to set the humidity where you like it and enjoy consistent, reliable comfort.

Even more, you’ll enjoy a clean, efficient system. The Honeywell Steam Humidification features a two-stage water treatment that eliminates scale build-up to ensure clean, reliable performance.

The Honeywell Whole-House Steam Humidifier is the perfect choice for homes requiring increased protection for wood flooring, furnishings, and decor.

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Why New York Should Hire Us For Their Humidifiers

Clover Heating & Cooling provides the full range of Honeywell humidifiers. During the heating season, a whole-house humidifier is strongly recommended for several reasons. Proper moisture balance minimizes damage to the wood in your home from excessive dryness; humidifiers can help your family maintain good respiratory health, and dry air makes you feel colder than the actual thermostat setting. You can actually lower your heating bill, too, since humidified air feels warmer.

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