New York HVAC ContractorAt Clover Comfort, we will design, install and maintain a custom centralized system for your home or office. Heating in New York is important, so let us work with you to give you a highly efficient system you can count on during our long, cold winters! […]

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New York HVAC ContractorClover Comfort offers only the highest quality air conditioning systems for your home. With the correct design, installation, and maintenance of your custom centralized system, you'll see a maximum return on your investment in your cooling system. […]

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Quality Air

New York HVAC ContractorFor pennies a day you can have quality, pure air to breathe! What's more important than breathing good air and staying healthy? Air Cleaners help with allergies, gets rid of pet dander, keeps your air free of pollutants and contaminants, and much more! […]

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Topnotch Westchester NY HVAC Contractor: Heating and air conditioning

We at Clover pride ourselves in doing excellent work and providing true value for your installation dollars. Our highly trained Westchester NY HVAC Contractor holds certificates in various fields of service. We approach each job as a problem to be solved. Rather than relying on one-size-fits-all “cookie-cutter” solutions, we work with the customer to design a system that meets their needs and budget.

We recognize that every home and commercial space is different, and we have experience installing and maintaining a wide variety of heating and cooling products.

Even though your air conditioning and heating system may be running, it’s not uncommon for it to be operating at half capacity. Our New York HVAC Contractor can measure the performance of your system and improve your comfort as well as the safety and energy efficiency of the system.

Boiler And Furnace Installation & Repairs

Boiler And Furnace Installation & RepairsYou need reliable heat in your home when temperatures plummet here in New York. It’s important to have a reliable heating contractor who handles boiler and furnace repairs. They should be certified to work on gas lines and equipment. They should also be fully skilled at installations or replacements if needed. Clover Comfort is the New York HVAC contractor you can trust for repair or new installation. We offer 3 decades of experience on all models of boilers and furnaces including gas, electric, and oil-fueled equipment.


Plumbing Repairs

New Jersey Plumbing RepairsClover Comfort can also take care of your plumbing needs. As specialists in New York Plumbing services, we can take care of pipe and fixture repairs, water heater repairs, frozen pipe repairs, leak repairs, drain cleaning, and more. At some point in time, your plumbing system will fail you. It’s important that you have a good plumber who can find the problem and fix it. We would be honored to be your go-to team. You and your family need access to fresh water and wastewater removal. Call us and we will make sure you do.



Energy Audits

New York HVAC ContractorDrafty doors and windows, poor circulation, dirty ducts and filters are among the more common causes to a loss in energy efficiency. A New York energy audit done by a professional New York HVAC contractor is the best way to save you money in the long run. Clover Comfort employs certified energy star hvac experts that will asses the energy efficiency of your New York HVAC system. Based on their observations they will recommend different options that will allow you to better conserve energy.


Maintenance Programs

New York HVAC Contractor, Camp Brady Heating Repairs, Patterson Heating Repairs, Garrison Four Corners Heating Repairs, Dobbs Ferry Heating Repairs, Sleepy Hollow Heating Repairs, Ardsley On Hudson Heating RepairsOur Service Club is a great way to save money on your HVAC systems. The costs are much less to keep your heating and air conditioning or plumbing systems in top condition than to only make repairs as they come along. Plus, with proper maintenance of your equipment, it will last for years longer than it would if left on its own.

All HVAC systems are mechanical by nature and need to be checked, lubricated, and adjusted with repairs made promptly or you’ll wind up with mechanical failure. It’s always better to maintain your expensive air handling equipment rather than let it go until it breaks down. Check out our service agreement plans that will keep your important home systems purring like kittens!



Why Choose Clover

When you choose Clover Comfort, you’re choosing to work with one of the best smart-energy renovation specialists in the New York area. Clover HVAC Contractors are certified insulation and air seal specialists who can do a thorough analysis on the penetration points in your house and stop air leaks cold. We are The Green Home Pros keeping New York homeowners comfortable in their homes for more than 30 years.

At Clover Comfort, we specialize in energy high performance HVAC applications so our customers always get the best solutions that save them the most in energy usage. All our equipment and products are carefully selected to meet certain standards and compliance with energy performance. Trust the pro’s at Clover Comfort with all your cooling needs and you’ll have a system you can count on that you’re extremely happy with!

Our family owned business is your premier choice when you need help with your home’s air conditioning, heating, plumbing, or air quality systems. We also have financing opportunities for those seeking financing for their equipment. For the best New York HVAC Contractor in the town, trust our pro’s to deliver quality workmanship and the best products in the HVAC industry.


Energy savings after having our Heating & Air appliances installed


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