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New York HVAC Products For Your Home!

Along with expertise and experience, Clover Heating & Cooling offers a flexible range of products and services. We bring the same level of dedicated professionalism to small residential jobs that we do to highly-complex commercial projects. We will install systems into new constructions, remove and replace obsolete equipment, or retrofit new components to your existing system, and we welcome the unique challenge each job presents. Once your system is installed, we offer service agreements to keep things up and running. Our comfort products include:

Heating Products

We can install gas or oil-fired boilers and/or furnaces to heat the water and air in your home or commercial space. We feature equipment from Well-McLain, Triangle Tube, and American Standard.


Air Cleaners

To help keep your interior environment hypo-allergenic, we install and maintain a variety of air quality components, including electronic and media-based cleaning systems and ultraviolet mold irradiators.


Central Air Purifiers

Clover offers their own Medical Grade Air Sterilization System. Central Air Purifiers from Clover  are designed to remove airborne pollutants before the air is conditioned and supplied to the living space. The high-performance CAP units incorporate tried and true methods, plus the latest innovations in air filtration technology.


Commercial Energy Management

For commercial clients with large energy costs, finding the right employee comfort solution is imperative. We furnish our biggest customers with Honeywell temperature control and management systems.



We’ve found one of the best way to control humidity is by pressurizing the interior with dehumidified air. The Santa Fe and Ultra-Aire dehumidifiers accomplish this ventilation strategy, maintaining relative humidities below the recommended maximum 50% level, and draw less energy than most residential 40-pint dehumidifiers.


Geo-Thermal Systems

Clover is enthusiastic about this energy-wise, environmentally sound way of enhancing home comfort. So-called “geoexchange” is a simple technology that draws heat from the ground during the winter and transfers to your house, and in the summer extracts heat from your house and transfers it to the ground.


Ground Water Control

Many moisture problems originate in the basement and can rise through the house. Clover carries a line of sump pumps designed to remove ground water from around the perimeter of your foundation.



Other New York heating and cooling companies sub-contract insulation installers. We are certified insulation specialists because we believe comfort starts with a leak-proofed house and we won’t rely on someone else to do this crucial job.



Clover provides the full range of Honeywell humidifiers. During the heating season a whole-house humidifier is strongly recommended for a number of reasons. Proper moisture balance minimizes damage to the wood in your home from excessive dryness; humidifiers can help your family maintain good respiratory health; and dry air makes you feel colder than the actual thermostat setting. You can actually lower your heating bill too, since humidified air feels warmer.



All our thermostats are Energy Star – approved, which means they meet the most demanding guidelines for energy efficiency.



A healthy and comfortable house has one complete exchange every three hours. Just opening the windows can help remove cooking fumes, dust and dander, plant spores and pollen, and household chemicals from the air you breathe.


Zoning Systems

The ultimate in comfort also pays for itself in energy savings. We can set up programmable thermostats that allow you to control the heating/cooling needs of your home by zones.


Energy Star Products

Energy Star-compliant equipment offer superior energy efficiency. This helps the environment, because when you use less energy, power plants don’t have to work as hard, which reduces greenhouse gas emissions. It’s a win-win situation since energy efficiency also means lower energy bills–saving homeowners and businesses as much as 30% a year.


If you are looking for an energy efficient home in New York please call us today at
914.631.6744 or complete our service request form.

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