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Proper ventilation for your New York home is imperative to maintain the health of the home and the occupant’s health. Without some type of ventilation, your indoor air can become heavy with humidity and stale air that’s the perfect environment for mold, mildew, or algae to take root.

Did you know it only takes 3 days for mold to grow? That’s not very long before spores that are literally everywhere in the world to get activated and begin reproducing. All it takes is the right environment and toxic substances like this can grow, making you and your home unhealthy.

The right amount of ventilation needs to be present in every home, and each home is different. No two homes are built exactly the same, even if they have the same floor plan, so our experts at Clover Comfort specialize in evaluating each individual home for the proper ventilation. Once your ventilation needs are determined, we’ll have plenty of options available for you.

Honeywell Perfect Ventilation System

The New York Home Ventilation System’s, “open window” consists of a pair of insulated ducts run to an outside wall. One duct allows fresh air in and the other takes the stale air collected from inside your home and exhausts it.

A patented energy-transfer disc rotates quietly and continuously between the separate air streams transferring heat and moisture.

In winter this rotating disc recovers heat and moisture from the stale exhaust air and then transfers it to incoming fresh air. In summer, heat and moisture are removed from the incoming fresh air and transferred to the outgoing stale air.

Regardless of the season, up to 85% of the energy used to heat or cool the existing air is recovered, so you enjoy fresh air year round at little energy cost.

Our New York Ventilation Experts Provide These Detailed Services:

  • Ventilation
  • Positive Pressure Ventilation
  • kitchen Ventilation
  • Basement Ventilation
  • Greenhouse Ventilation
  • What is Ventilation
  • Exhaust Ventilation Fans
  • Ventilators
  • Roof Ventilation
  • Garage Ventilation
  • Attic Ventilation Fans
  • Kitchen Ventilation Systems

The Honeywell ventilation systems control humidity both in winter and summer. Ordinary heat recovery ventilators can’t control moisture. But Honeywell’s Home Ventilation System can, thanks to the patented, desiccant-coated disc.

In summer the rotating disc can keep airborne moisture out so as to minimize the load on your air conditioner. In winter it can add precious moisture to the air. And the optional Honeywell dehumidistat allows you to control winter humidity at whatever level you desire. It works so well your home may not require a separate humidifier.

Because the system doesn’t need a drain pan, there’s no warm, moist place for unhealthy microbes to grow inside your ducts.

The Honeywell system mounts easily in conditioned spaces such as a basement, utility room or closet. It stays out of your way while providing fresh air to the entire house.

Variable Speed Control

Honeywell’s low voltage Variable Speed Fresh Air Control lets you choose the amount of fresh air you want in the home. A switch flips between HI or LO fan speeds while a dial lets you adjust air flow over an infinitely variable range. Some models use a line voltage variable speed Fresh Air Control. With the proper ventilation system from Clover Comfort, you’ll have the right amount of humidity in your home and will be able to stay on top of it with the right control system in place.

If you are looking for home Ventilation Services in New York please call us today at 914-631-6744 or complete our online request form.

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