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Dehumidifiers for Your New York Home!

dehumidifier-contractor-in-new-yorkWe’ve found one of the best way to control humidity is by pressurizing the interior with dehumidified air. The Santa Fe and Ultra-Aire dehumidifiers accomplish this ventilation strategy, maintaining relative humidities below the recommended maximum 50% level, and draw less energy than most residential 40-pint dehumidifiers.

We have researched New York home dehumidifier products and can help you find the best dehumidifier for your New York home, whether you are dealing with indoor humidity or need to undergo mold remediation. The first factor to look at its location. Depending on where the humidity is in your home, you may need a small dehumidifier, a basement dehumidifier, or a whole house dehumidifier

Santa Fe Dehumidifiers

One Santa Fe HC Dehumidifier installed in a central location, connected to ductwork, can condition your entire house. The HC is a free-standing dehumidifier engineered to provide whole-house humidity and particulate control. At the center of the Santa Fe HC is a high capacity, energy-efficient dehumidifier with the capacity to remove over 17 gallons of water daily – 10 times the capacity of retail store, appliance grade dehumidifiers.

Ultra Aire Dehumidifiers

The Ultra Aire 135H is known by New York HVAC contractors as a dependable, high end dehumidifier suitable for residential and light commercial buildings up to 3200 sq ft. Compact, efficient design makes this unit excellent for crawlspace and attic installations. Ready to install into your forced air system, Ultra-Aire APD 135H works with air conditioners or can run independently.

The UA-135H consistently sustains relative humidity levels below EPA recommended 50%, crucial for managing mold, mildew, and dust mite populations. For oxygen-rich air, Ultra-Aire 135 features a ventilation mode that mixes, filters, and dehumidifies inside air with fresh outside air

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Why New York Should Hire Us For Their Dehumidifiers

  • The Santa Fe HC is controlled by a dehumidistat with positive “ON” and “OFF” settings and a variable setting range from “20%” to “80%”. Humidity control is automatic and accurate.
  • Low-temperature operation. The Santa Fe HC can continue to remove humidity down to 55°F. Will not freeze-up in normal basement conditions.
  • 115 VAC operation. The unit’s wiring is through a factory-installed six-foot power cord that plugs into a standard 15 amp grounded outlet. The Santa Fe HC draws less than 12 amps.
  • Gravity flow water drain.
  • The Santa Fe HC removes 135 pints of water per day at 80°F, 60% RH, which is many times the water removal of other dehumidifiers.
  • Optional ductability promotes air distribution or allows remote location

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