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Our New York Energy Evaluation For Your Home!

energy-starBuying your home was probably one of the largest investments you’ve ever made. Now it’s up to you to care for that investment and enhance its performance by making home improvements that are smart for you, your family, and the environment. Clover Heating & Cooling can help empower new york.

A comprehensive assessment of your New York home for air leaks and combustion equipment (furnace, boiler, hot water tank, and stove) helps you get an overall efficiency and safety picture of where you live. Blower door testing allows us to find the precise location of air leaks and then measures them. Gas detectors help “read” the safety of your appliances. We also use duct blasters to test leakage points in your ductwork.

Our expert HVAC Contractors at Clover Heating & Cooling will perform a top to bottom energy inspection of your home. The inspection will determine the cause of any problems you may be experiencing (cold rooms, ice dams, damp basement, moisture on windows, etc.) and help you gauge your home’s energy efficiency and durability. As part of the inspection, we will also make sure your gas or oil appliances are venting properly.

Following the inspection, our professional HVAC contractor will recommend improvements. These may include air-sealing and duct-sealing, adding insulation, installing energy-efficient lighting, and, if needed, new HVAC equipment or windows. The best solution for most homes often includes a combination of several improvements.

Our company will develop a detailed analysis of recommended energy efficiency improvements, including a cost and energy savings estimate, with options for low-interest financing and other financial incentives. You can also visit for energy-saving tips.

Why You Need Our HVAC Contractors for Expert Energy Evaluations

Do you want to save money on energy consumption costs? If so, you want our expert energy evaluation services. Since 1985, Clover Heating & Cooling has been keeping homes energy smart with expert testing, evaluations, and improvements to home systems. Everything from the insulation in your home to the moisture content of your indoor air to the energy efficiency of each mechanical appliance or system in your HVAC or plumbing setup can make a difference in how smart your home is with energy savings.

Making homes more energy-efficient and “green” is our passion and why we’re in the business in the first place. We want to see every home maximized in the efficient production of heating, air conditioning, air quality, and plumbing. To do that, all the systems in your home have to be taken into account and tested with the latest equipment.

Clover Heating & Cooling HVAC Contractors are fully outfitted with all the tools and latest technologically advanced testing equipment to rate your home’s ability to run efficiently. We are the Green Home Pro’s in New York, so give us a call, and we’ll help you turn your home into a mean, green, energy-efficient machine!

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If you are looking for an expert Energy Evaluation for your New York home, please call us today at 914-631-6744 or complete our online request form.

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