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New York HVAC Contractor Reviews

Sally and I thought that you should have feedback from us in the form of a testimonial after we weathered the recent huge storm that knocked out the power for so many in Westchester last week. The advice you gave and the work done by your team have been thoroughly weather tested now and have come through with flying colors. We have always kept our heat quite low, say 62 to 65 degrees, as we like our sweaters and enjoy sleeping in a cool room. We are currently enjoying using only about half as much gas to heat our place when compared to last years totals. So we were already pleased with the savings and especially the new feeling of comfort and quiet in what had formerly been a drafty and not so comfortable house. We were already well satisfied with our decision to spend an initial sum of money to invest in our immediate and future comfort, and to have this pay off over time. So far so good. Then the power went out, and stayed out, taking our heater with it. This is when things got rather amazing, because the house only very gradually sank from 62 to 52 degrees over 48 hours, and then did not go any lower. There was no feeling of draftiness, no feeling as before when we lost power of the heat being sucked out of our house suddenly and dramatically. Instead the house maintained its comfort. While neighbors found other places to live and camped in houses of friends, we lit candles, prepared nice meals, and enjoyed ourselves in relative comfort. It was rather delightful to be able to enjoy our new insulation in such a dramatic context. So I have to let you know how thoroughly pleased Sally and I are with the wonderful job you and your team did in insulating our home. It feels like the first winter that we have had a proper “hat and coat” and we are thoroughly enjoying the feeling of money well spent.

Bruce & Sally Croton | Hudson, NY

We saved big on oil bills this winter due to the insulation project in our attic and crawl space—the ROI will be even quicker than we originally thought. Nice work.

Paul T. | Ossining, NY

The job is really coming together and as you promised, we’re feeling the difference immediately. I spoke with a friend to get a refresher on what he did a few years ago, and he told me how highly regarded you are in the Energy Star/NYSERDA program. We agree whole-heartedly. Thank you for your expertise, patience, and thoroughness. Other than the pleasant warmth in the house, we feel the comfort of being taken care of with the utmost professionalism.

Lang & Jana P. | Cortlandt Manor, NY

I cannot say enough about Clover Heating & Cooling and the entire team who worked on out house. Their professionalism, knowledge, and flexibility made the job easy for us, the homeowners. Not only are the products top notch, the people who install them are excellent. We are enjoying a warmer home at less cost, and for that we are very thankful. The best thing for me was how they cleaned up – vacuuming, sweeping, and dusting so that none of the materials were evident when they left. A four star experience with a great company!

The Bohrer’s | Ardsley, NY

Thank you very much. I have to say, Katherine was saying that your AC has changed her life. No joke. That old AC drove her crazy with cold spots, hot spots, etc. She said she doesn’t feel like she needs to be out of NY during the hot summer days anymore.

Marc S. | Greenwich Village, NY

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