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Carbon Monoxide – What Every Homeowner Should Know

carbon-monoxide-what-every-homeowner-should-knowAnytime fuel burns, it creates a ***deadly*** gas called carbon monoxide. Gas run fireplaces, stoves, water heaters, furnaces, and other appliances can also leak carbon monoxide if not properly exhausted to the outside. If there’s a leak in the seal of the appliance’s exhaust system, the CO will leak into your home.

As air is removed from the home through exhaust vents, it produces a negative air pressure in the home if there is no way for outdoor air to enter in. A make-up air system should be installed if there isn’t enough fresh outside air coming in. Even homes that are not built as tight may need this make-up air equipment, but there’s no way to tell if you do unless you get an assessment done by a professional Westchester, New York HVAC technician.

If you haven’t had your home tested for negative air or gas leaks, call Clover Comfort. We are New York’s premier heating, cooling, plumbing, air quality, insulation, and air sealing experts.

Don’t Wake Up Dead! Call us if you notice any of these problems:

  • No whole house fan
  • Backdrafts
  • Downdrafts
  • Boiler room/appliances are not well-ventilated
  • No fresh air when running your range hood fan when cooking with gas
  • Smelling fireplace when your AC is on
  • Negative air pressure with no make-up air system

Backdrafts, The Prime Killer Phenomenon

A backdraft occurs when there is negative air pressure in a home. Fire which has consumed all available oxygen within a given space will seek the area where oxygen is made available.

If you have a fireplace, for example, and a backdraft occurs, the flame of the fire will be intensified and will explode into the home. This also occurs with the exhaust systems of your boiler, furnace, stove, and other gas appliances. If the gas ignites during a backdraft, an explosion could take out a good portion of the neighborhood block.

Make sure your home is tested for negative air pressure. Solve the problem by having your HVAC technician install appropriate make-up air equipment. Also, ensure that any gas equipment in the home is regularly tested for gas leaks and properly maintained.

Make-Up Air Systems

There are different types of make-up air systems, but they all perform one task. They forcibly pull fresh air from the outdoors into the home as the exhaust system removes it.

Here in New York, make-up air systems are installed all the time. Your HVAC technician will be able to determine what type of system is right for you. The type to install varies based on the needs of the home.

Make-up air equipment operates automatically and the systems are not complicated for your HVAC technician to install.

Proper Ventilation & Exhaust Systems

Every home is different, so what you need in terms of ventilation and exhaust is going to be different from everyone else. This is why it’s best to get advice from your HVAC technician.

Common ventilation and exhaust systems include:

  • Whole House Fans
  • Ventilation Systems For Boilers & Appliances
  • Range Hood Fans
  • Forced Air Fans
  • Exhaust Ventilation Systems
  • Supply Ventilation Systems
  • Make-up Air Systems
  • Balanced Ventilation Systems
  • Energy Recovery Ventilation Systems

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