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The real truth about humidifiers

Kent Heating Repairs, New York Indoor Air Services, New York Humidifier, Mount Kisco Heating RepairsLack Humidity in the winter can cause dry sinus and other health concerns. What most people are not aware of is that a dry home is a leaky Home. The heat bleed is so excessive that not only are they hemorrhaging utility dollars. That the natural humidity that’s generated in the home follows. The reality is the home is like a big balloon with lots of tiny sometimes large holes in it. Most homes have enough humidity generated through its occupants reading showering cooking or natural of evaporation from other standing water in the home. In fact most energy-efficient homes the reverse is true. That they have so much humidity generated that the challenges what to do with the excess moisture in the summer. That’s why commonly most homes through today’s Building & energy codes are required to have some form of mechanical ventilation and/or de-humidification in the summer.

Early in my career I was like most mechanical contractors trying to muscle my way through the house by overcoming these leaks with you middle fires. Like Tim the tool time Taylor we would arrrrrggghh and use a power tool like steam or a evaporative humidifier to add moisture. What I have learned as a Building Performance professional in the last 15 or so years of my career. Was to use a more finesse approach to maintain humidity in the home.

Understanding the biology of our skin pores as our natural cooling system. Our ability to sweat in the summer or not dry out winter directly affects our comfort in indoor air quality. I learned that the body would enjoy Comfort at warmer temperatures in the summer, by swearing in of operating our sweat. The extreme of this point Could be visiting a very arid climate like Arizona. Where they say that it could be 100° in the shade and you don’t even sweat. The truth is your body is sweating, however, the air is so dry that it is a BAP rated immediately. The person who doesn’t believe that just try not to replenish water and see how fast you will feel faint. The reverse is true in the winter a home that is properly sealed will maintain humidity at an acceptable level and the homeowner will feel more comfortable at cooler temperatures. The point being is that their body is not dried out so quickly. This is our largest challenge in the Northeast.

Clover Comfort our Building Performance professionals are trained to find the heat bleed and stop the hemorrhaging. This will cause the maintenance of proper humidity and a big increase in indoor air quality and comfort. In the big bonus will be lower utility costs. Contact our Building Performance Professionals today at Cover Comfort you can find us on the web at or 914-631-6744.

If you are looking for New York Humidifier for your home, please call us today at 914-631-6744 or complete our online request form.

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