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High Caliber Secor Corners Heating Repairs

The most important thing a Secor Corners, NY homeowner can do to ensure their HVAC system is working efficiently is to make sure they are keeping up with the required regular maintenance. The homeowner can perform most maintenance tasks, while some require professional inspection by a professional Secor Corners Heating Repair service technician.Secor Corners Heating Repairs, North White Plains Heating Repairs
The average homeowner can clean parts of the HVAC unit themselves. A shop-vac can be used to vacuum the buildup of dirt and dust that is acquired around the blower wheel, motor and flue. Keeping these areas clean will result in better airflow and keep the HVAC system operating at optimal energy efficiency. Furthermore, an excess of dirt and dust can cause the motor to seize up, which is a very expensive problem to have. Regular vacuuming of these areas will help prolong the life of the blower unit.
On the top of the list of easy maintenance tasks is changing the furnace filter. You can find furnace filters in department stores or hardware stores is the heating and cooling equipment section. Furnace filters are easy to replace and takes less than a minute to do. However, this task is the one that is overlooked the most. A clean air filter ensures proper airflow through the entire HVAC system. These filters trap excess dirt and debris and prevent it from flowing through the duct work and into your home. After a month or two of heavy use, the furnace filters will become loaded with these trapped particles and it will become difficult for air to flow freely through it. Your HVAC system will have to work harder to blow air through and run longer in order to reach the desired temperature set by the thermostat. Simply changing the air filter will keep your HVAC unit running optimally and the air in your home free from dust, dirt and allergens.
A certified heating and cooling professional can perform other maintenance tasks. Gas furnaces will need to have the gas burners removed and cleaned. This important task should be done annually. The furnace must be disconnected from power in order to do this.
Our trained professionals have years of service and experience with HVAC system maintenance and installations and can provide you with the best possible solutions for all of your HVAC needs so give them a call today and see what they can offer you for all of you HVAC needs.

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