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New York HVAC System Design

HVAC System Design for HomeownersIn keeping with our "ultimate comfort" mission, Clover Heating & Cooling offers the latest in software-assisted HVAC system design. For New York homes, we compile data from every room on window size and compass direction to determine sunlight heating factor. We also note which direction exterior doors face and whether you have shades or drapes blocking incoming sun. The software allows us to draw your house based on these measurements and then design the right-sized ductwork. For New York homeowners we collect the same data, then we factor in all heat-emitting equipment and its location in the office, restaurant, library, health club, etc. The technology assures that you are getting exactly what you need.

The goal for a HVAC system is to provide proper air flow, heating, and cooling to each room. This sets out key criteria that describe a quality system, and key design and installation
considerations that should be met to achieve this goal. The following contains detailed information on design, fabrication, installation, and performance testing.

Criteria for a Quality HVAC System

bullet Be properly sized to provide correct air flow, and meet room-by-room calculated heating and cooling loads.
bullet Be installed so that the static air pressure drop across the handler is within manufacturer and design specifications to have the capacity to meet the calculated loads.
bullet Have sealed supply ductwork that will provide proper air flow.
bullet Be installed with a return system sized to provide correct return air flow.
bullet Have sealed return ductwork that will provide proper air flow to the fan, and avoid air entering the HVAC system from polluted zones (e.g., fumes from autos and stored chemicals, and attic particulates).
bullet Have balanced air flows between supply and return systems to maintain neutral pressure in the home.
bullet Minimize duct air temperature gain or loss between the air handler and room registers, and between return registers and the air handler.
bullet Be properly charged with refrigerant.
bullet Have proper burner operation and proper draft.


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